Our Massage are hand on for all our clients throughout the year. Whether your body needs attention after a day of off surfing or biking, relax, we've got your back (legs, and shoulders and the rest)!. Offer A Wide Variety Massage Treatments in UpCoutry Maui.

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My name is Benya. l am from Phuket island of Thailand and a Hawaii license massage therapist MAT 15076. I offer a wide variety massage treatments in Pukalani,upcountry Maui. I have well trained , I am offering a wide variety of other massages like Hawaiian lomi lomi, relaxation as Swedish or deep muscle work and sport massage. I also offer a soothing and calming private massage studio where you can escape your daily stress and leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I specialize in offering customized treatment plans that offer targeted work for treating pain, muscles targeted work for treating pain, muscles tension release, Stress relief, relaxing mind, and for overall health, rejuvenation and energy boost.Massages for treating pain or specific conditions (Deep tissue/ Mayofascia release/ Cupping/ Trigger points massage)Relaxation massages are great when you just need a little stress relief and rel...

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We are trained to manipulate soft tissue in such a way that aids the healing process, enhances function of muscles and increases range of motion. We treat a variety of soft tissue injuries, aid healing post surgery, and restore use of immobilized joints. This is where our passion lies and rest assured knowing that there can be relief from pain and discomfort. Massage comes in many different modalities, each with their own unique focus and effectiveness.


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